Episode 7 - Jorgen Schäfer

On the 7th episode of Emacs.el, Amin joins Daniel as the co-host and they interview Jorgen Schäfer, creator of Elpy, Circe, and some other awesome packages.

Show Notes

Elpy is a package that’s meant to ease Python development by bringing IDE-like capabilities into Emacs. These include code-completion, refactoring, virtualenv handling, Django support, and more. Before Elpy, if one wanted to create a similar development environment they would need to scavenge blogs, copy and paste snippets of code and hope that it would all play nicely together. Fortunately, this was unsatisfactory and gave Jorgen the idea of bundling it all together into one package which is now called Elpy.

Jorgen is also the author of some other popular packages like Circe, an IRC client in Emacs, and Buttercup, a behavior-driven development framework for testing Emacs Lisp code.


Package shoutout by Jorgen:

  • Dumb Jump: an Emacs “jump to definition” package, which doesn’t try to be smart about jumping to definitions. “Dumb Jump uses The Silver Searcher ag, ripgrep rg, or grep to find potential definitions of a function or variable under point.”